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Sometimes when life feels hard, it can be difficult to remember the inherent strengths we have, change can feel hopeless, and it can seem as though no one is there to understand. It can be daunting to reach out for help. My approach is to listen, seek to understand, then develop a plan for addressing the negative patterns you may find yourself stuck in, processing pain and frustration, and move toward better communication, increased connection, and better relationships. My belief is that we all develop ways of interacting and coping that help us make it through the experiences we’ve had and that understanding where strategies come from helps to determine how those strategies continue to serve us and how they might hinder us. Developing new ways of engaging in relationships and situations can lead to achieving the relationships, happiness, and success we desire.

As a therapist, I take a systemic, relational perspective. I make an effort to zoom out to see the bigger picture and the relationships, systems, and experiences that influence people, as well as how they might both contribute to problems and be resources to build upon. I look for strengths where they may be hard to see and take a non-pathologizing, non-blaming approach to treatment. I believe that although hurts can arise in relationships, they can be a source of healing as well. I strive to be authentic and to join in clients’ experiences to be in the struggle with them.

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