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Why It’s Important to Celebrate Parenting Wins

Parenting is a joyous, rewarding, loving experience. It also can be hectic, stressful, and trying. Becoming a parent changes everything about your life.

When you’re a parent, there’s a natural tendency to focus on the big triumphs and the big failures. The reality is, there are a lot of little pieces in between those ends of the spectrum.

While they may seem unimportant, they actually carry a lot of significance. Celebrating your wins as a parent…

parents teaching their child to ride a bikeMaintains Positivity

Life is about perspective. You’re never going to consistently have big milestone wins with anything, especially parenting. Once you have a child, it is a long road ahead filled with countless ups and downs. Those downs can become difficult if you aren’t celebrating your parenting wins.

Changing your perspective to appreciate and celebrate the small wins can create a more positive outlook and teach you to be more optimistic. Celebrating each win helps you to see the good in life, which is what it’s all about after all. Having that positive outlook also serves to make you better at handling the challenges you’ll experience over the years.

Boosts Confidence

There’s no rulebook for how to be a parent to your child. You’re going to find that you get plenty of unsolicited advice and constructive criticism about how you should or shouldn’t be doing things. You’ll probably find yourself doubting your own instinct at one point or another.

When you celebrate any success, you start to pile up a good amount of wins. Collectively, those wins can help you feel stronger and more capable as a parent. Being able to recognize these qualities about yourself can increase your confidence and you’ll be less inclined to allow that doubt to creep in.

Increases Your Bond

Having that positive outlook and celebrating your parenting wins will help bring you and your partner closer together. Celebrating each other’s wins will create a sense of teamwork amongst you. Knowing you have this bond helps to build and reinforce the support you have for each other.

Having a strong partnership between you two will also bring your whole family closer together. Strong familial bonds are what will pull you through the challenging times. Children who see their parents work as a team will grow up having a better framework for building their own relationships.

Provides Motivation

Parenting takes a good amount of work. The good times are generally rewarding, but the “bad” times can be exhausting. It’s unrealistic to be happy and positive all the time. You are going to feel that exhaustion eventually, or even more often depending on your circumstances.

By celebrating your parenting wins, they can give you a driving force to make it until the next one. They are great reminders that you have it in you, that you are capable, and that with work you’ll find your reward. Not only that, it will make you more resilient to those road blocks along the way.

Encourages Growth

Each time you take a moment to celebrate your next win, it provides you with an opportunity for self-reflection. With each win, you’ve found new growth, whether it be with your child, with yourself, or with your partner.

Celebrating wins means more self-awareness and more personal growth. This is helpful as a parent and as a human in general.

Decreases Burnout

When you have routine, stressful responsibilities, it’s possible to hit a point of burnout. This is most common in work roles but it also applies to caregiver roles. No matter how much you love your children, it isn’t impossible to reach a level of burnout with your duties.

Taking a moment to celebrate any parenting win, no matter how big or small, helps to keep a balance and reduce the likelihood of burnout. Parenting self-care includes recognizing your successes.

Are you struggling with confidence in your parenting skills? Contact us today to learn more about family therapy.

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